Friday, February 13, 2015

Back to calorie cycling :)

Yesterdays post and thinking must have done something cos i have been awesome with my food today. Even went to the shop with a shopping list and walked out with nothing extra ;)

I decided to count calories and today is a lower calorie day...1400 calories....ive tracked everything i plan to eat....dinner will be chicken, roasted cherry tomatos and feta followed by 35 grams of dark chocolate. I am sure I will stay on track. Why am i sure? Cos i am focusing on breaking the food addiction.

Today has been a lazy guessing cutting out so much crap i will prolly go thru some withdrawals so kinda good the next few days ill be home, if i have headaches etc i can just nap.

Ive noticed some pain at the back of my foot.Not exactly pain but tightness...I think its my i have started to do some calve stretches.

So monday back to the gym :) ill be doing a 45 minute body pump thinking of doing a body balance class straight after too..just not sure how my body will cope. So next weeks workouts will look like this:

monday: body pump
tuesday: RPM (and maybe body pump)
thursday: PT
friday: body pump
saturday: running with fiona (maybe body balance too)
sunday: 7km walk with fiona

More then calorie burning....the focus this week is to create a new routine. None of those classes freak me out so I should be will be interesting to see how I cope with the different classes tho lol

Have a good friday all :)

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Jackie Birch said...

Just caught up, awesome that the gym starts again next week, looking forward to hearing about the journey ahead of you. Have a great weekend :)