Monday, February 16, 2015

Back into it all

Well today was the day I truly got back on track. After so many months of back injury, illness, waiting for the time I could rejoin Fernwood. I went back today. It felt good. Kinda like going home lol. A lot of members I saw I didnt recognise but there were certainly ones I have seen around the gym in the past.

I signed a new contract then went and set up for body pump and jumped on the cross trainer and O...M...G i nearly died! 5 minutes and i was sweating thinking i cannot last much longer....and that was only at level 5 lol.....i used to do 25 minutes at level 10 as a warm up. I then jumped on the treadmill for 10 minutes, at a speed of 3.5 and a incline of 7% (since I was about to go do a class I didnt wanna over do it in the first 15 minutes lol) I then went and did body pump. The last time I did a body pump class would be at LEAST 9 months ago. I was fine with the movements, the choreography but omg my endurance and strength just sucks haha. I used the smallest weights...EVEN for the squat track lol. I could feel my hamstrings and chest muscles hurting in the can only imagine how sore they will be tomorrow!

After the gym I stopped in at the health food store and they had quest bars! OMG super excited!! Thats the first time I have seen them in a shop in adelaide....and they even had the peanut butter supreme flavour :)

I exepected this afternoon to be tired....but I got home and was all energetic, did some house work and washing. Now i feel a bit sleepy and i am guessing i will prolly sleep as heavy as crap tonight!! haha all feels good :)

Tomorrow I am going to do a RPM class. My aim this week is to work out every day even just a 45 minute class....most important thing is just to get the routine happening...I will do my first PT session with the new trainer on thursday too!

Enjoy ur monday all :)

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Tranquility road said...

Oh are you going to be in a world of pain tomorrow lol

Well done my friend