Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thursday 5th February 2015

So i was gonna come post everyday and havent eh? (thanks for the reminder Jaxx!)

So how am I going? I am having some good days and some bad days....but the thing that is happening is I am figuring out somethings. Some of these things I have known a long, long time and even written about them on here....but I keep repeating some negative patterns.

So firstly I am realising I always do better when I am "enjoying" my food. While my losses may not have been big when I was regularly eating weight watcher meals for dinner....but i WAS losing. Im not a big meat lover. I eat very few meats...things most people love like bacon, ham etc. I would never eat a steak for I kinda for years while I was successful with my weight loss forced myself to eat chicken most nights. Now I do like chicken...just these days eating it everyday drives me a bit nuts. So the weight watcher meals I am going back to that.

There are key foods I just cannot have in the house....they are peanut butter (i can eat tahini instead), sliced cheese, ice cream treats (like ice cream cookies), no biscuits or chip like foods.

The other thing is for months now I have been going to work and then slothing around watching tv....this is peak time for me. I am perfect with my eating at work....cos I am busy....but once I am not busy when at home I think of food, food, food, food. I need to keep myself busy and a routine. So the GOOD news is....I have organised to rejoin Fernwood! It got sold last year and has new owners and I have spoken on the phone to one of the new owners....and swapped numerous emails about my rejoining. I quit last august because of a issue I had with a previous trainer....that person will no longer be working there after next week...and I will be rejoining on the 16th! I will also be doing one PT session a week at the gym (weights) and then of course continuing my one PT session with fiona on saturdays. So looking at the gym timetable (which I think will possibly change this month at some point) at least for the week starting 16/1 it will look like this:

monday: body pump +weight watchers
tuesday: cardio
thursday: pump + PT (weights)
friday:body pump
saturday:PT (running)
sunday: cardio/walking

Normally mondays will not be a gym day as I normally work then have weight watchers that night but the 16th I am off work. So will go in at lunch time. The plan will prolly change after a few weeks...not only cos their timetable may change but also cos this next few weeks i am finishing work at 3pm.....when i finish later it will be a lil different.

But I have 10 days or so till then .... so i need to start keeping myself occupied after tomorrow night i am going to do a 4.93km walk with a stop over at the footy oval to do 10 flights of the steps...well I was gonna do all I said tomorrow but just realised its gonna be 39 running up stairs ill come home from work eat dinner then after dinner will walk for 6km  but anyway so for the next 10 days:

friday: 6km walk
saturday: workout dvd
sunday: walk around the torrens (between 3.5km and 6km depending how far we walk)
monday: 6km walk
tuesday: level 1 30 day shred
wednesday:level 1 30 day shred
thursday:6km walk
friday:level 1 30 day shred
saturday: PT with fiona
sunday: Rest day

Its going to be between 34 and 39 next ive planned it to try and stay indoors the days its expected to hit 39.

This weekend saturday night i am going out with Martine for dinner...and sunday morning walking with Tania and then out to brunch.....should be a nice balance of keeping balance but still getting some rest time.

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#fatfreefloozy said...

I have the same triggers as you it seems. Cookies, chips ice cream!! My biggest problem though is at work. People are always cooking and bringing in amazing treats. Grrr! Bring in healthy stuff guys!