Sunday, February 01, 2015


So my disastrous ww week is now officially over! My ww leader/coach is a friend of mine and I told her with not attending last week Ive been so off track. But a new week starts tomorrow and even tho I will have a big gain I will weigh in and draw that line in the sand. My coach is also going to ask to see my tracker next week so I will have some extra accountability!

Its another 2 weeks till I can rejoin fernwood...i KNOW that will give me extra motivation...the gym always has...and I am desperate to get back to it, but I need to wait till one of their staff has left...I do think sometimes join another gym....but fernwood has a unique support system,,,,,which is why I am returning there.

I have decided there are certain foods if i want to be successful I need to keep out of the cheese (except feta), no white bread, no cheesticks, no bacon, no "packaged" freezer icecreams or confectionary. I need to start eating all the yummy fresh foods....just like I use too!

I just got up and threw out all the crap in the kitchen tidy bag full....there was one lean cuisine meal and one ww meal....i didnt throw them out...ill save them for a emergency night.

This aim is to average 10,000 steps a hopefully will hit 70,000 by next sunday night!

I am going to start also updating this blog everynight...and i will include the number on the scales each add that accountability.


#fatfreefloozy said...

I love extra accountability! It kicks your bum into gear! What a great leader you must have.

Jackie Birch said...

Yay for accountability, but it is now Wednesday :)