Friday, January 30, 2015

Excuses and some honesty

No denying I have been off track the past 3 days. Very offtrack.

Why? Well I could say its cos I didnt go to my weight watchers meeting this week, or i could say it is because work had me on a shift 10am-6pm which meant lunch was at 2pm or it could be because I havent joined the gym could be, it could be, it could be....and the truth is they are all excuses and prolly excuses I have used this week. Fact of the matter you (I) can stick to my eating plan no matter what the is simply about whether I choose too or not.

So I got back on track today, tonight I have sat down and written out shopping lists, and picked recipes to make this weekend so I am organised this week. Some fritters, muffins, cheat's lasagne and a bacon and egg pie. And i have gone thru my tracker and planned when to have the meals and/or snacks.

So there it is...I have been off track. I am in the middle of re-reading "Confessions of a reformed dieter" was that she wasn't perfect....she stuffed up more then once....but she just got back on track thats what I am doing. I gain fluid from sodium ridiculously fast so I will be embarrassed to weigh in monday...but I need to draw that line in the sand.

I think too...I need to not be so hard on myself. Having been so successful with weight loss previously I think in my mind....that everyone else thinks i need to lose 1 kilo per week or more (this is a pressure i put on myself). I need to just be glad for any loss...and aim for consistently losing regardless of the amount....I can always make small changes....but as long as I lose each week and my health improves each week thats what matters!

Tomorrow morning I am meeting up with Fiona and we will walk/run a 6km track around the Torrens River - so pretty!

Hope everyone has a fab weekend ! :)


Anonymous said...

It is not that fact that we sometimes fall, it is the fact the you pick yourself up that counts:)

It seems it is easier the first time - but I agree a loss is a loss

Tranquility road said...

As you know drink heaps of water to flush out sodium and it might not show up on Monday

#fatfreefloozy said...

hey gorgeous! I retain water soooo badly that the school kids push dents into my feet and count how long they take to come out!! My friend told me about "Fluid away" a natural tablet you can get from the pharmacy!! I have ankles again! It is the BEST thing and you don't pee every five seconds either!

Natalie R said...

Value health and fitness and eating foods that nourish and drop the focus on the scales Kazz. My weight moves up and down constantly and to be honest I've lost just 2 kgs since the beginning of December - and I've dropped a size in clothing. And I just know that I'm eating the right food and moving my body and just do it. I don't even have a goal weight anymore. I'm just doing what my body needs.

You've done so well for so long. keep going.

Katrin said...

We all have our slip ups. What is important is owning it and getting back on track. There is no deadline. We just try our best. You can do it!