Friday, February 06, 2015

Blessed :)

So I got my cycle yesterday...i have had really bad cramps for a few days and todays i even considered not working cos they were so bad (but i did go to work) and my scales are up like 3.7 kilos! Argh! So annoying...I know its fluid and I know its part of PCOS but still frustrating.

This would normally be a case of bugger this and throwing the rest of the week in the bin but i have felt more on track today then any other day this week.

I think I often focus on the negative. The negative of having lost both parents, having no family close by etc etc. But i was thinking about it today and truthfully i am blessed. I am blessed to be in the financial situation to be able to invest in my health, blessed to have the time to focus on my health, i have some fabulous and supportive friends...and those "friends" who dont fall into that category i am blessed to be able to recognise it. Its all about perspective. So i am in a good happy place today :)

The weather is stinking hot...37 here today...39 tomorrow....i plan to stay indoors till i head out for dinner tomorrow night!

Off I go have a fab weekend all :)


Magpie said...

LoVe your positive attitude. Just don't give up. Sometimes it's easier, sometimes it's harder.

Tania Driver said...

You mentioned this morning on our walk about not having your family close by and I was going to say this at the time but got side tracked. All my family are here in Adelaide and I rarely see them - I truly believe our friends are the family we choose for ourselves! You're not alone in any of this mate, we're here to support you ever step of the way.