Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Weigh in result.

So yesterday was weigh in day.

I weighed in with a loss of 800 grams. Was I happy with that? yes and no! lol. I would have liked more but a loss is a loss...considering the amount of medicines etc I am happy :)

I feel in a good place at the moment. Im definitely in the zone. I have done a minimum of 10,000 steps every day since thursday. Today it is raining and actually looks like its going to bucket down, so today hitting the 10,000 steps might be a bit harder. Yesterday I even managed to hit 15,000 steps...yay me!

My eating is going very well. This week I am trying to stick to just my daily points. Have done it the last two days and was pretty easy to do. I am starting to notice my hunger kicking in. Just before my meals I am starting to feel a lil hunger. I remember years ago on Oprah she said that rumbling in her tummy always made her think it was her body eating calories up...lol...so I always think its a good sensation!

Because I believe now the "silent reflux" is causing my cough I am having to watch my eating even more. Currently I am cutting out some key things...carbonated drinks, minimal red meat (I have never been a big red meat eater tho) cheese (apart from feta...no processed slice cheese etc), tomatos, onions, I am also checking the ingredient list of anything I eat...anything that says "acid" in the ingredient list at this stage I wont eat...I just need to eat very clean and low fat to get better. So that has meant things like weight watchers meals, and low fat mayo are out. I am a sandwich girl...its hard to find things to add to my sandwich as I am not having cheese, avocado (too high in fat), mayo....I need to find somethings to add to it! I know I can add salad-y things....but Id like to add something that adds a bit of moisture. Once better I will reintroduce mayo, avocado, tomatos etc but for the moment they are out :(

Thursday I go back to the doctor to get the ultrasound and blood test results. Hopefully in a few weeks time my health will be improving!


Sean Anderson said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery! You're doing wonderful with your awareness of what will help/what will hinder the situation. Excellent work, Kazz!
I can read your enthusiasm--and I'm so excited for you! I'm hoping Thursday brings a good doctor visit.
Take good care of you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sean :)