Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14, 2015

Yesterday went very well :)

Foodwise I was spot on. Went to bed last night all contented....and I in fact didnt eat all my daily points (i was down 1 point). I was sleepy by 7pm last night lol...managed to stay up till 7.40pm then I went to bed...took my ipad in there and started to watch season 1 of veep....didnt even manage one episode and I was asleep LOL....and didnt wake up till a lil before 6.30am :)

I had no painkillers or ventolin yesterday apart from the morning dose. Woke this morning...feel good...took no ventolin this morning and only half the dosage of pain killers (back pain from nearly 3 months of coughing!) I still cough a lil but its really minor. So i really feel the reflux is the answer...but it will prolly take 4 or 5 days to really know. I feel good tho to think I am on the right path. Which of course leads me to think maybe getting back to the gym is in the not too distant future! Possibly as early as the end of the month...I would be ecstatic if that turns out to be the case. :)

As most know I am a daily weigher....and the scales are definitely going down and did a significant drop overnight....which no doubt is partly due to not taking as much medication but also to eating well...I am feeling like I am definitely on the right path at the moment.

My nails are growing too! I bite my nails and they never grow...but amazingly with good food...nail growth seems to be happening....loving how everything seems to be falling into place!

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Tranquility road said...

It's all coming together ..... Very exciting