Friday, January 16, 2015

And the results are in...

So I finally have some explainations about what has been going on in my body :)

Turns out I have gall stones (altho I have had no pain from them) and this has caused reflux which caused the asthma. My liver results arent perfect either as apparantly the gall stones are stopping the release of some of the bile in my liver. My spleen apparantly is a lil large and has a lesion on it but that is just a group of blood vessels so nothing to worry about.

So basically I am off all meds except one tablet of somac each day for reflux :) and to just eat a low fat diet....which on weight watchers is what you (I) do anyway!

Weight loss wise my week has been great! I have stuck to only my daily points and so far (4 days in) have earnt 30 activity points...gotta be happy to do that without a gym lol. Monday I will be expecting a sizeable loss :)

Tonight the plan is to do housework. I did my first online grocery shop last night and that gets delivered tonight. Tomorrow morning I have PT with fiona and i think i might go into north adelaide tomorrow afternoon to look at the op shop.

Not a hell of a lot else going on except its friday *yay* Have a good weekend all!

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