Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy monday all :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Mine was quiet. Friday night I did a lil housework, got groceries delivered and had a early night. Saturday morning Fiona came to the house and we did a PT session. We walked over to the local footy over and did some stair climbing and then we did some shuttle runs followed by some mobility exercises with the viper. I huffed and puffed thru the session but i didnt cough so that was huge progress.

Over the rest of the weekend I was kinda lazy hahah! Watched tv, read, played on the puter. haha it was good ;)

I have weigh in tonight. I walk to and from the meeting so should easily hit 12,000 steps today :) Hopefully I have a good weigh in result too (I should!)

The exercise thing is something I have to figure out. PT sessions with fiona on saturday mornings is going awesome and I am so ridiculously happy I went back to training with her. What I do exercise wise during the week I am still figuring out. I would like to go back to fernwood but its a complicated situation (which is innappropriate of me to discuss on here) but that said since this situation has occurred there is a change of owners at the fernwood I go maybe I will call the owners and discuss with them...get a idea if its viable to return there or not. I must admit I have struggled to ever feel as comfortable at any other gym as I did at fernwood.

Well I rang actually is looking like a better situation. Ive told them I will look at rejoining mid will contact them early february (I dont want to make a rash decision...want to think about it and make sure its the right decision) also they said the timetable for the classes is changing so will wait till they release that to ensure it works for me :)

Have a good monday all!

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Katrin said...

I have just found your blog. You have made fantastic progress. I will definitely be back.