Monday, January 12, 2015


So I think I have worked out which is causing the cough! I think I have "silent reflux" doc has mentioned this previously and even the hospital but there was not a lot of conversation around it. I dont get heartburn but I do get this persistant cough, i dont cough when i sleep, feels like something is stuck in it, problems at times swallowing (pills which is normally never a issue).

When I was at my doctors last week I said I think my diet and exercise is related to this and he said it wasnt LOL. So I am taking control of things haha. My doc had given me some meds before called SOMAC so i have started taking that again. Also my diet i am changing, basically to how I use to eat - low fat. Im going to cut out juices, red meat, tomatos, onion, crap food, chocolate, and soft drink :( Theres lots i can still eat....weetbix, oats, bananas, bread, pasta, most vegies, non citrus fruits etc.

It will be a slow process no doubt but hopefully in a few weeks time I will notice some difference. I also see my doctor on thursday night to get the results of my blood tests and find out anything from those and I will also tell him I do think now its reflux and see if there is any other recommendations. Apparantly "alkalining" your body helps which is what I will focus on - including getting a purifying to purify my water.

The weekend was good. I did a session with fiona on saturday morning and then also did a 3km walk in saturday arvo and a 4.93km walk on sunday. Today is weigh in day...Ill be back tomorrow with my results!

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Tranquility road said...

Somac is good the only thing is when you get better you won't know if it's cause of the food or the somac

Sounds like a plan anyway