Saturday, January 10, 2015

Good weight watchers week so far!

So this week has gone good!

I've used 24 of my weekly points which was my plan for the week....I still have tomorrow for this week (and maybe Monday? If I weigh in Monday night does the new week start on Monday or Tuesday ? So the next few days I need to stick to my daily points only.

I've really got into Instagram and finding the ww community in their very supportive (my username on there is kazzsjourney) if you want to follow me on there. Food wise as the week has gone on I have been trying more new recipes. I made quesadilla for lunch today and tonight I am having a pasta dish. The sauce is made with one slice of ww bacon, onion, mushers, capsicum, tomato, chilli season with 59 grams of pasta and 18 grams of pecorino cheese....totals only seven points 

This morning I did my first PT session with Fiona, We walked for part of it then she did some assessment stuff on my alignment, balance etc. we also talked about the importance of support which is so ridiculously important. It feels good to be putting all the things into place that will lead me to be successful!

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Tranquility road said...

I think your new week would start Tuesday morning.

7 points for dinner that is awesome.
Can't wait to see how much you lose