Wednesday, January 07, 2015


So yesterday everything went very well :) I had 39 points (my daily points) plus 3 of my weekly points. The intention was to use 4 of my weekly points so happy with this.

Its amazing how even when you take small steps you feel so much better. Being proactive just leads to feeling in control which makes us just feel better within ourselves....even simply one good meal choice or one small walk can be the start of that feeling - and I do love that feeling :)

I am really embracing the mucking around. I am trying to be active within the weight watchers community, being active on instagram (my username is @kazzsjourney) and just have a more positive approach. I really took what on what they said at the meeting that those who get off to a good start in the first four weeks are more likely to be successful - and I want that to be me! I have no doubt I can do it, its just sticking to it day after day that for me is the key.

It will be better too once I can truly exercise, and I dont mean a walk by that....but go do some group fitness classes at the gym and get me some cardio on lol but thats a while away at this stage.

Everything else is good...positive, positive, positive!


Karen said...

Onya Kazz. Great to hear you are keeping positive and off to a great start.
Xx karen

Tania Driver said...

Well done Kazz, your motivation will get you all the way to goal.

Vic Wilson said...

Awesome Kazz, I to have returned to weight watchers and I am for the first time in a long time feeling in control of my life.