Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Back to weight watchers :)

So I went and rejoined weight watchers last night and I was very impressed!

I went to the wrong premises initially! LOL But I found the correct meeting. My friend Sharon is the "coach" (weight watcher doesnt call them leaders anymore), anyone after not being a member since like 2008 everything is different!

The membership is done via a ipad by the coach....no filling out paper work. Anyway walked in, got a hug from sharon and then weighed in. Heres the funny bit...when i started ww in 2006 my starting weight (and highested recorded weight) was 173.1 kilos. Now 8 years later I weighed in at 123.1 kilos exactly 50 kilos lighter. I kinda thought that was a good omen!

I then got some of the material and then went and sat down. I found a seat that had a spare seat either side of me....a few minutes later 2 girls came along who knew each other and sat either side of me and the 3 of us just started talking LOL It was weird I am normally so shy!

The meeting talked a lot about goal setting for the next 4 weeks...my aim for the next 4 weeks....is to attend every week and to lose 4.9 kilos....i think that is doable!

I then walked home which was about a half hour walk :)

So i have tracked....got my water....all ready for a good day! Time to kick some ass!!

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Tania Driver said...

Exactly 50kgs - that's uncanny! Sounds like the meeting is a good fit for you, I love having Sharon as my coach.