Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weigh in and decisions :)

So I weighed in Monday night and lost 2.5 kilos - very happy with that :)

Last night tho I came home and ate ALL my weekly wtf! On thinking about it I realise I did it out of boredom and wasnt even really hungry. The reason for the boredom? Well I think I am well enough now....that the go to work...come home and watch tv....has got boring...I have spent MONTHS watching a LOT of tv as I wasnt well! So its time to look at my evening activities....which means.....heading back to the gym...

When I started this journey all those years ago I went to fernwood and loved it. I found it incredibly supportive, it was also a smaller gym which i think suited me. Over the years tho I did notice a difference in the support level....and then when I experienced a issue with one of their staff last year, despite having spent over the years well over $20,000 at that gym on PT sessions, food coaching sessions and memberships....the way the management team handled the situation I thought was deplorable. They have since changed owners and I did ring them and speak to one of the owners a few days ago and I was thinking about going back but to be honest I didnt think the vibe was great. And when I said I had about 6 paid PT sessions which I never used they told me they wouldnt know where that paper work was since the change of ownership *lol* So while I was considering it and while it holds good memories there....I dont think returning there is the answer.

I currently have a membership to goodlife....there are 2 outlets that I could easily the city and also north adelaide. Ive never attended the city one but have the nth adelaide one. I sat down last night and listed all the choices of classes i would have,,,,and it was huge,,,,there would always be a class I could do. The gym tho is huge....and doesnt have that same supportive feeling fernwood had all those years ago (but then again I dont think any gym does!). Candice who was my trainer worked there and when I told her late last year I didnt wanna do PT she did kinda try to "sell" to in the end I blocked her its quite likely I will run into her. But in all honesty I really just do wanna do their classes. They are about to start a 12 week challenge...which I could consider....but I prolly wouldnt.

The other option would be Jetts which is around the corner from me. From following their facebook page they seem very community focused and it sounds like a smaller gym. The negative being they dont do Les Mills classes which I do prefer.

At this stage I need to committ to one thing...Im thinking I should just suck it up and get back to goodlife and go from there. I have bought my gym clothes hopefully I will see it thru and do a RPM class tonight :)


donna said...

Unfortunately we can never go back to what we enjoyed and it be the same which sux ! So yes suck it up buttercup and focus on making the new gym fun and enjoyable for yourself, good luck Karen hope you enjoy the gym tonight

Tranquility road said...

Did you go to the gym?

Anonymous said... i

Kat McLennan Moffat said...

Hey Kazz
I think it is great you have so many choices
Give one a try and see if you like it.
Thats a great weight lossand dont worry too much about eating weeklys, I think you figured out WHY and thats the biggest hurdle. Yippeee