Monday, November 10, 2014


Well I am still sick! Actually I am getting better but far from 100% :( What started out as a infected cyst in my throat has now turned into a bad cough that wont go away - I am on a puffer for it...and its slowly improving.

My ankle which I sprained still has some pain in it (altho minor) and nearly 2 weeks later STILL has bruising! But i had it xrayed last thursday and its definitely not broken.

So the gym is still a while away ..even if my ankle was 100% i wouldnt be going due to the cough. Im hoping to be back there in 2 weeks time..I dont want to go back there before I am ready and ending up sick again.

The interesting thing is my appetite has really disappeared! Pretty much since I walked out of Jillians show. I also havent had a diet coke since not sure if its from the not having diet coke (ive always believed thats contributed to my carb cravings) or Jillians sublimal messages (lol) or a combination of both.

After not working most of last week I am working today - and surviving so far. The biggest killer for this cough is the office air conditioning...and its certainly making me cough to a degree but not as bad as I expected.

The other good thing was...even tho while being sick i havent tracked calories i was SLIGHTLY down from 2 weeks ago...2 weeks ago i was 117.3 kilos this morning 115.9 kilos. And that said ive not been eating "great" milk cos that makes me cough...nothing cold...ive been eating lots of plain pasta cos that just slides down my throat, but this evening i am going to cook a beef stir fry for dinner :)

I am really ready to lose this lard and so thing daily posts (or close to it will be back on the agenda)!

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