Monday, October 27, 2014

On track :)

Its funny how since the Jillian show my eating has been so on track. I have been a lil hungry right before meals (just as I use to get a few years ago) and I am not looking for food every minute I am awake LOL. I think some subtle messages must have gotten thru to me :)

In line with that the scales have gone down...altho my official weigh in is on saturday on the gyms trainer told me just to aim for a half a kilo loss but it will be bigger then that.

Tonight I was suppose to go to the gym for RPM...BUT i have come down with a sore throat and my ears are a bit blocked. Suspecting I may be coming down with something (but I have NO time for this!) tonight a early night...rug up will get warm and I have some lemsip...hopefully that will knock this on the head. I have run out of paid sick leave at least for a month or cannot afford to be sick,

Not much else going on...still trying to come down to earth from Jillian haha!

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