Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jillian Michaels

So I went to Brisbane on Thursday to see  Jillian Michaels show "Maximise your life". I flew in thursday morning and spent thursday at my Aunties house....I saw 2 Uncles I hadnt seen since I was 14 and 2 cousins I hadnt seen since I was 9 :)

Friday I spent the day at Southbank with my Aunty and we caught up with one other aunty for a coffee. Afterwards I went and got my eyebrows waxed and then Went back to the hotel for a lil lie down before the show.

I got to the theatre a lil after 6.30pm picked up my VIP pass:

I then went and bought some merchandise (which looking later at my bank account I shouldnt have)...I bought 2 t shirts...both black one in my current size and one in size a goal t shirt :) I also bought a mug:

The show started a lil after 7.30pm. The show was broken up into 3 sections: Science (food), Sweat (exercise) and self (mindset) I seriously could have sat there for hourssssssssss listening to Jillian. When she initially came out she high 5'd everyone in the front row (and yes I was in the front row!) Janice who is her radio show producer was also part of the show and was HILARIOUS omg so funny! Here is some pics:

So what did I get out of the show??? LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a brief recap in dot points:

Food: She showed how to work out how many calories to eat to lose weight. Surprisingly she had a easy way to lose weight...move more eat less LOL. But after she showed us that she then told us next important thing is NOT macros....but instead the quality of food is the next important thing. She then went on to explain to suss out what to eat or not to it like this - you rate foods 1 to 10. Foods that are a 1 are things like salmon, chicken breast, blue berries etc...foods that are a 5 are treat foods but treat foods not full of a pile of crap (organic chocolate for example) and a 10 food would be fast food junk. Sooooooooooo you eat 1 to 5 foods but no 10 foods. You eat 1 foods 80% of the time and 5 foods 20% of the time.

Nurture yourself: Have a relationship with yourself. As an example she said...if you want a partner who buys you flowers....go buy yourself flowers and put them on your bedside cabinet

Dont be a dick: self explainatory lol....basically....just be a nice person

Exercise : Work out at 85% of your heart rate. She recommended basically anything that gets you moving....her suggestions were pilates, yoga, kick boxing, running, weights, pole dancing. She then said....if pilates doesnt get you to 85% of your heart rate then do something else, but her emphasise was on doing what you enjoy. She also recommended 5-6 hours of exercise a week.

I also LOVED how she doesnt love exercise. My previous trainer made it seem wrong that I didnt like exercise. But Jillian was similar to me...doesnt enjoy the process but likes the benefits.

Dont cosign your own bullshit: Yep I do this too much. "Yeh Ill just eat this today...tomorrow I will get back on track" - no more

Be present: Nothing new here...but its so important to just live in the moment. I did that at the show...I paid attention only to the show...not taking photos or paying attention to others around me....

She talked a lot about how we all eat a sandwich full of such things as guilt, hate, anger etc and I could relate some of this to my weight gain. She also talked a lot about finding our why:

Theres a couple of reasons for my weight gain. My guilt from setting up limitations with mum. After she passed away I have felt guilty for that even tho I know it was the best decision for me especially for my mental health. We cannot change others actions/choices ... only our own. So I did what was best for me and while I wish mum was still here it is up to me to live the best life I can.

I dated someone in 2011...I think i felt "lucky" and that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and if it didnt work out that was it for me. It didnt eventuate into anything and i think instead of putting myself out there again I let fear get in the way and decided to dump real people and reconnect with my friend food. I decided and remember very clearly deciding and saying (to anyone who would listen) I dont need the drama of meeting and dating someone. The truth of the matter is I want a social life. I want to get out there and travel, to hang with friends and spend a decent proportion of my life laughing, and with luck meet that person who not only makes me laugh but that I end up having some crazy, passionate relationship with. As Jillian says we all need a why,,,,thats my why,

And for the most important thing! A pic of me with Jillian!!

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Jackie Birch said...

Wow I can't even imagine how you must have felt seeing Jillian, yet alone getting the photo with herI bet you were on cloud 9 for a long while :)