Sunday, October 19, 2014

Decision made :)

Well after to-ing and fro-ing about returning to weight watchers I decided not to return and to stick to counting calories. I dont want to offend anyone about ww .... but for me....there is too much stuff up in the you or dont you eat the weekly points, activity points many pieces of fruit do you stick too etc etc....I also looked at some of the meals.... fruit toast is less points then oats, protein powder and milk...while there is a slight calorie seemed to me see a program like that where I would go...well fruit toast is lower points so i will go for that...but its got a huge amount of sugar in it....I just cannot come to a level of peace about it...if i was new to losing weight i prolly would....but with my nutritional knowledge it doesnt seem the right decision.

One of the big reasons for contemplating going to ww was the accountability of weighing in...but  my trainer had offered to do that on saturdays before PT so think i will message her tomorrow and tell her i want to start weighing in with her.

This week is a funny I head off to brisbane thursday morning and see Jillian Michaels on friday (yay!). So exercise wise i will do PT on monday & tuesday, RPM on wednesday night, there is a workout with Jillian on friday (only 30 minutes) and then sunday when I am back I will go into the gym for body pump. So only 3 working days this week ... yay!

Have a fab day all =]

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