Sunday, October 19, 2014

In the moment

Today I woke up early and was laying in bed ... thinking. I knew I had PT this morning and I was looking forward to it. I was keen. I wasnt keen to go do a trillion squats or pushups....but I was keen for the 45 minutes of just focusing on me and my journey....and knowing how accomplished I would feel afterwards.

It got me thinking how things can change. The trainer I have now I have only been training with since August. In november 2013 i started training with a different trainer..I realise now I was only going thru the motions....she didnt like me. She didnt like dealing with someone who had issues and wasnt in love with the gym. Having got to 173 kilos as my highest I obviously have issues. You dont put your body thru that kind of stress without giving it some long term effects. Whether it is mental effects (fears of breaking things from weight, falling over or simply how I looked doing certain exercises)

I ended up leaving when I couldn't deal with that trainer anymore (long story I wont bore yas with!), and what clicked to me today is whilst my personal training sessions are WAY more intensive these days...I am not just going thru the process....I am actually in the moment - which is so important!

So today I went into the gym, 15 minutes on the cross trainer and then a 45 minute PT session. My trainer comes and gets me and says....we are doing 100 reps of each exercise! Haha!! But actually the session flew by!

So thats what I am going to remember today ...if I am just going thru the motions....whatever I am doing is probably not the right thing for me...keep looking for the right I can live in the moment!

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