Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15 2014

Feels like a lot has happened since the weekend!

So ive started doing the 3 PT sessions a week.  They are going really good and are basically weight sessions...altho they are cardio sessions as they include a mix of things with the weight work. The sessions are going great, and she commented last night that my back (since the injury) has made really good thats awesome news :)

Foodwise I have been back on track since Sunday. But I decided yesterday some more accountability is needed. So I have decided to return to Weight Watchers. Food is food...its all the same (whether i count calories or Ww points) but i feel at the moment the accountability of the meetings will help. So I will start going mondays on 27/10 (next monday I have PT monday night due to me going away) So im still counting calories till I start and get a full understanding of their program (never know maybe Ill get lifetime membership!)

I have been at the gym the last 3 out of 4 days :) Ive had some stresses going on...and decided to not go tonight and have a "mental health break".... I am noticing the days I gym it....its a breeze sticking to my food.

I got my delivery of trutein chocolate peanut buttercup protein powder today (yum!!!) they also included some sachets of their other flavours (chocolate truffle, cinnabun, shamrock, vanilla bean) and also some pre workout drinks (think they are like high caffeine to get more out of ur workouts....need to look at them properly)....i love my oats with protein powder and cold milk so glad I will be back to having them in the morning!!

Any ww recommendations....Im happy to hear them (current recipe books I should get, food items - not that ill be eating much artificial foods, etc)

OH and btw!!! 7 sleeps till I head off to brisbane...and 8 sleeps till Jillian!


jjmazza_2000 said...

OK I have a stupid question about the protein, how do you find it works with WW and does it make you gain too much muscle and not show your weight losses as much - I have been toying with the idea of protein for a while but am worried it will mess with my weight loss which is super important to me!

Sorry about the n00b question:-p

Anonymous said...

The protein wont cause you to gain muscle. For weight will be in a calorie deficit whether following ww, calorie counting or anything else. Whilst in calorie deficit, male or female, it is HIGHLY unlikely you would gain muscle. The idea when losing weight is to maintain as much muscle as possible. When we lose weight the body loses not only fat, but the weight comes from muscle, tissue, fluid etc you want to minimise the muscle loss and try and promote the fat loss. That is where protein and weight training is important. Also when you first exercise, or change your exercise routine yes your weight loss may stall...but that isnt actually muscle gain, that is your muscles retaining fluid as part of the recovery process...and yes this can last for 6 weeks or so...but its your body doing good and when down to goal and you have a body with higher muscle cos you minimised the muscle loss you will be appreciative of it. Also keep in mind a female even when bulking (ie eating how much they need to maintain there weight plus a lil bit more) would be lucky without steroids etc to gain more then half a kilo of muscle....our bodies simply dont work like that :)