Monday, June 09, 2014

Weigh in this morning and I was 102.7 kilos. I was a lil unprepared today and so relied a lil too much on bbq food (the cafe was closed due to the public holiday)

Tomorrow is 1500 calories and I have already popped my food in my myfitnesspal. Im due to gym it tomorrow night...the plan would be a RPM class and a 30 minute PT session. I am undecided what to do tho since my back is still sore (altho ive put the heat pack on it a few times today and thats seemed to help)...i cannot do jarring movements and need to be careful with lifting...part of me is thinking its a waste of PT sessions if i cannot utilise them properly but another part of me is like...just attending the gym will be good for motivational levels. Better make up my mind quick as i need to let my trainer if not attending by 6.30am tomorrow morning.

I cannot remember what I did or didnt post yesterday but I did register for the city to bay (to run 12km) im hoping that my back is good to go next week and I can start to train for it.

Not really much else to say - enjoy your night all :)

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