Saturday, June 07, 2014


I went to a food coaching session thursday night....i thought it went well...but now i dont think it did. The way the food coaching works is they dont set a calorie fill in a food diary...everything you ate and drank and then they make some suggestions of changes.

I think being a calorie counting girl I need a number. Also im not a fan of being told what not to eat. Like she looked at it and obviously have a sugar addiction (and she is prolly right) but whenever I think about weight loss it needs to be something I can do long term. This weeks recommendation was no honey on my weetbix....that one is bread at lunch time on days I dont exercise...this i where I come unstuck. Its enough to have to eat protein and vegies at dinner time....i like bread i will admit it...i eat multigrain bread so i dont think it is the worst thing in the world...and its quick and easy and i actually enjoy sandwiches...i tried to cut out bread today (i didnt have cereal either) and it just led to me craving carbs. The bottom line is when i got down to 79 kilos i ate bread every single day, i dont think cutting out bread is the answer. What worked for me was controlling my calories....not eating grains in the evening...fitting in some treats. So in line with that im not gonna go back to food coaching...i dont need their eating fiona has said many times...nutritionally i prolly know more then most people anyway when it comes to nutrition.

So monday morning I will weigh in and make monday my weigh in day...2 weeks of calorie cycling at 1528 calories seems a good range. After 2 weeks I would want to be down at least 2 kilos...if not I will cut by 100 calories a day. This is what previously worked...calorie cycling, eating clean foods with some limited treats, exercising well (the exercise part is going good!). And the truth is...i need to learn to be accountable to me!

Yesterday I booked a trip to Sydney and the gold coast....I am hovering around 102 kilos at the moment and would love to be in the 80's by thats a goal! :)

I was at the physio today...have had a sore lower back...turns out i was very tight around my spine and she thinks i have strained or sprained a facet joint in my lower spine...i go back to see her on thursday....till then no jarring movements (jumps, running etc) and have to be very careful when lifting. My trainer will not be happy to hear about the no jarring movements (but i am! lol no box jumps yay!)

That said...exercise is going well...i am really making progress there....and i will make a lot more effort to update this journal more regularly...time for action :)

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