Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I have taken this week off the gym. I really need to make some decisions about it. There is a part of me that feels I am too old for that gym these days. Its definitely predominantly members under 30....those 40 and over prolly only make up 10% of the clients (and I think I am being generous there lol) and its not just the age thing its that I am so concerned with hurting myself again. As i have mentioned more times then I can count....ever since I broke my wrist in combat I havent gone back to combat. Pisses me off in reality cos it was one class I really enjoyed...but I had fallen over maybe 4 times in that class before I broke the bone so I cannot risk that again :(

I then of course fell off the treadmill last week. It seriously would have been hilarious if I had been watching it...and my foot is still sore 10 days later...I am paranoid about getting on a treadmill again and falling again....bottom line I cannot keep falling and injuring myself....it fails all logic to me to keep going to the gym if all I am accomplishing is that I am hurting myself.

So anyway I sent a message to the gym manager saying to take my name off the foxy challenge...I also messaged my trainer to say I was taking a week off from the gym.

I really need to make a concrete decision one way or the other....either I need to suck it up...throw myself into the gym and get this weight moving....or look at a gym with a "older" demographic....or decide that I am content with this weight....maintain via nutrition but give up this whole gym gig. I off course am leaning towards the first option.....but I need to stop being willy nilly about this stuff...I need to committ...or give it up.

So that is where things are currently at...ive had a few bad days of eatin (101.5 kilos this morning) but im back on track with my eating today. Decisions, decisions.

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