Friday, January 31, 2014

Life is still good :) and weigh in results!

So much happening of late and I have been so slack about updating this lil blog!

I weighed in wednesday morning and lost 600 grams taking me to 4.2 kilos lost since January 1 and a total of 71.7 kilos lost. YAY. I feel so good about the weight loss and how it is going. My eating is going so well....over two weeks since I have binged and I have been under calories EVERY DAY. My aim was for this year to lose 2.5 kilos a month...I will update tomorrow morning how much I have lost for the month of January :)

Yesterday I bought a new laptop yay!! so happy!! I can update my journal from home again. I can do much better progress pics...check out my fitness forums...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I feel a bit complete!!

Work has been going great lately...I am getting some different opportunities which I am loving. AND I now have a work wife hahahhaha ;) One of my friends suggested we have a "breakfast & lunch club" I give her $30 a week....she organises my breakfast and lunch....she makes everything from chicken and egg salad to toasted sandwiches and on monday quiche!! And she often even delivers it to my desk! How spoiled am I? Its great cos its all home made...all unprocessed stuff...I am lucky lucky!

Tonight I had PT. My trainer is away for a week the week after this coming week I will do 3 sessions and the same with 2 weeks later. My trainer starts telling me what she wants me to do during the week she is away....and then says "btw I can check your visits" hahah no hiding!

Tonght i was telling my trainer that I had lost 4.5 kilos this month....and she said "you aren't in a rush to lose the weight are you?" I love that she said that....I love that I have been lucky with trainers not putting pressure on me to lose the weight fast.

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Jackie Birch said...

Congrats on an awesome loss for the month of Jan - and wow how cool having a healthy lunch delivered to your desk everyday - have an awesome weekend :)