Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy australia day :)

Well the first good news is i am getting a laptop this week! weeeeeee!!!! That will make updating this blog much easier :)

Since this is a weight loss journal I should discuss this ;) AND its going fab! I am doing so well I am stunned! Foodwise have been under calories every single day. I am wanting to go to the gym more...i am getting that vibe back and mentally i feel so much stronger, and the mental aspect is the much bigger part of this picture and really the win.

I havent eaten any of the foods on the no go food list and so of course I havent binged yay for me!!! I am seeing $40 being spent at kikki.k this week as my reward :)

While its not official weigh in day today I did step on the scales this morning and they are moving in the right direction. I am so impressed with this for two its week 2...everyone knows week 2 is harder to get a loss....and also i have had my cycle....go me!!! Pretty darn wrapped to say the least. The big focus now is to get back to double a couple of kilos away from that...but currently that is the big focus.

Have a fab day all :)

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