Thursday, January 23, 2014

Good day!

I knew yesterday when I posted there was something I forgot! When listening to Jillians podcast on tuesday night she was talking about positive reinforcement...she was talking about it in relation to her kid but saying how as adults we dont do enough of it (ie rewards for reaching goals) So since i created that list of foods i am not to eat...i thought over this 4 week I would set up some weekly rewards. So this is what I decided:

week 1 : 2 bath bombs from lush (already got them since i champed last week!)
week 2 : $40 to spend at kikki.k
week 3 : 2 bath bombs and fitness magazine of my choice
week 4 : $60 to spend at Lorna Jane

These are all things i love...but they are like "wants" not needs so usually dont buy spoiling myself a bit ;) the bath bombs at lush are well...the bomb! haha! They smell the them !! And they have such a big range i coulda spent oodles in that store...i got one which is a honey one and one i think it was called a beachbomb....think its a vanilla one...but all good!

I only discoverred kikki.k at xmas time when i went in there to buy a xmas present...such nice stuff and so pretty! So will DEFINITELY be staying on track to get that....haha...think right now kikki.k is worth more then all the food in the world LOL

I'm definitely starting to get more in the zone. I do RPM on wednesday nights and have for a while. Normally every class i am watching the clock and i am counting the very aware of what track we are i know how far into the class I am hah! Anyway last night I thought I am here might as well just go with it and not bother with counting the tracks...and the class was much more tolerable! If it wasnt day 1 of my cycle i would go in tonight and do RPM again...think tho I will next week. Im just starting to get that vibe of wanting to do things to get closer to goal instead of thinking...ugh i havent done todays exercise.

I had my slim session - that all went well. Weighed in...had a chat about things. Only real recommendation that came out of it was maybe cos of my iron i should have a blended up drink of greens each day...which i will work on :) I think she could tell i was on track etc so dont fix what aint broken LOL.

One of the other things I really have struggled with of late is "wanting to feel normal" and what I mean by this is .... if work puts on food I want to eat it regardless if its good for me or not...if theres food in a team meeting ... i wanna eat it. Today we have a free bbq at work...sausage in a slice of bread, piece of fruit and a drink. I was talking to a friend last night about it...and said one sausage on bread is not worth all those calories so i am going to have my normal lunch...ill still have the piece of fruit and the drink but just skip the sausage in bread :)


Magpie said...

Kaz, you want to feel normal, it us ok and normal to eat one sausage in bread. It would only work out to no more than 400 cals anyway.

twenty kilos to go said...

I am the same. We have a morning tea at work and I desperately want to eat some to feel "normal", but sometimes it isn't worth it and sometimes once I start, I can't stop. I love kikki k too! Gorgeous things!