Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weigh in results

Good news I weighed in and lost 3 kilos :) So as of this morning 102 loss is now sitting at 71.1 kilos :) More then happy with that!

Last night went to PT. We were doing weight work were she really had my heart rate up.35 kilos and 45 kilos on the bar with squats...followed by kettle bell swings then bang straight on to the assisted pull up machine. All was going good till about the 4th rep on the pull up machine when i started to not feel well. I explained to her that getting nauseas/dizzy is not overly a uncommon thing for me but the first time in a session with Tamika. So coincidently as I am telling her about my low iron and how I use to get dizzy in the early days of training with fiona...fiona suddenly appears lol (she was visiting someone at the gym) lol...timing was quite funny. Anyway after fiona left tamika talked to me a bit about eating red meat...she was like do you not like the taste of it? I was like...erm yeh no its not that...I just dont love the taste...and I am a lazy eater lol....which led to the comment "isnt it worth the effort of eating it if it gets you closer to goal" ... yep she got me there! LOL So on the meal plan tonight is porterhouse steak! With egg and grilled tomato...I think I am going to make a concentrated effort to eat red meat at dinner at least every second night.

Not much else going to do RPM tonight and then my first slim session for 2014 :)

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Jackie Birch said...

Congrats on the loss, awesome first week :)