Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A fresh start

No secret I have struggled and struggled for a long time. Ive tried lots of things to get back on track but all those efforts have not gone well :( The honest truth is a i have gained weight. As of this morning i am sitting at 99 kilos - eek! But what goes up must come down right? I have given it a lot of thought and decided on the following:

1. My program....if I do food coaching it will be for weigh ins only
2.1800 cals a day till I stop losing then I'll lower by no more then 100 cals a day at a time
3. Eat predominantly clean but allow for some treats
4. Eat only foods I enjoy
5. Calorie cycling
6. Will be back yo counting calories
7. Weekly blog updates
8. Exercise 3 times a week

First thing i need to cancel food coaching. I know i will feel guilty for doing this but I dont think its overly beneficial to me. Im trying to get things back on track without being overly restrictive or having too high expectations at the gym. When i was this weight before i was eating 1800 cals and cal cycling. I was too tho working out more....so 1800 may be a lil too high....but i dont wanna go crazy yet.

I will weigh in on tuesday mornings...and my goal is too hit under 95 kilos by xmas...im sure I can do that - wish me luck!


donna said...

Good Luck Kazz you can do this it's just a blip in your journey have fun doing it :)

Kelly Goeby said...

Your journey is inspiring and real. Thank you for sharing. xo