Sunday, October 13, 2013

Half Marathon?

Well quite a bit has happened this week and I havent updated this blog! lol

Thursday I had a appointment with my GP to ask him for a referral to get excess skin removed from my stomach and boobs thru the public health system. He wrote a awesome referral :) and now I just need to wait for RAH to get in contact with me for a appointment....but this could be months away. Its just the first step but VERY exciting.

I had been thinking lately I need a goal. I do much better when I have a goal to work towards. So I have decided to train for a HALF MARATHON omg!! thats insane!! lol But with a lot of work it is do-able. One of the trainers at my gym won the adelaide marathon so i have got some guidance from her and a 9 week program. So that aim at this stage run 3 times a week and by the end of november to be running 5km comfortably (that is no drama) and by the end of january to run 10km comfortably (that again will be no drama) then at the start of february the runs will increase to 5 times a week and will be split up between interval work...medium pace runs...and slow, long runs. So for now until the end of November my training schedule will be this: monday : 10 mins low intensity cardio + 30 minutes PT ((heavy weights)
tuesday : 5km run
wednesday : 10 mins low intensity cardio + 45 mins PT (heavy weights)
thursday : 5km run
friday : 60 mins body pump
saturday : 6km run and 60 mins body pump
sunday : rest day

When I see my food coach on tuesday I will be showing her all this....and she is going to make some recommendations nutritionally. I suspect I need to eat about 1600 calories...prolly a lil more on saturdays. But will take her recommendations and see how they pan out (I have told her at this stage I dont think there is a need to only eat 1300 calories)

I am hoping these things will help focus me and get me on track again...Ive really been getting nowhere fast...but I know completely I can do this. And the reality is I would love to lose another 10-20 kilos before the surgery (which prolly wont be till early 2015). I also believe the fitter and healthier I am the better I will cope with the surgery when it comes around. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

It's so true my surgeon said because I was so fit and healthy my recovery was so much quicker I was training again within 2 weeks (lightly)