Monday, October 07, 2013

So after my DEPRESSING post yesterday lol I decided to implement some changes :) Firstly...i have a very bad habit on a sunday of spending the day in my bedroom...watching tv...playing on the computer etc. So first things the computer is now banned from my bedroom. I can use it when in the lounge room watching tv...but i need to get out of my bedroom! I normally go to sleep about also thinking i will try to read for 30 mins or so each night before bed (get the brain going) I am also going to make a more concerted effort with pink sofa to meet some people...try to organise catch up for coffees etc. I think I need to put in as much effort to getting a social life as I do to weight loss.

I think I will also start to post back on this journal more regularly...just to kind of have a mental check in :)

Food and exercise is going okay. Exercise wise this is my plan this week:

monday : walk/run 60 minutes
tuesday : walk/run 60 minutes
wednesday : 30 minutes low intensity cardio + 30 minutes PT session
thursday : rest day
friday : 60 minutes body pump
saturday : 60 minutes running plus 60 minutes body pump
sunday : rest day
So i need to come up with plans to keep myself preoccupied on sunday...maybe ill go to the movies...anything not to just hang around the house.

Not much else going on...sure I will be back over the next few days :)

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donna said...

Like the changes you have planned good luck ;)