Friday, November 29, 2013

Update :)

Lo and behold a update! lol so much happening lately feels like there is a lot to say! After being disastrously off track (hello 102.2 kilos - eek!) I finally got my act together last saturday. I am back under 100 kilos (phew). When I realised it was time to knuckle down and i had the weekend with nothing planned i decided to do a mini detox and avoid all contact with the outside world LOL so basically stayed in my lil house watching tv shows i loved :) I was still eating around 2000 calories but it was much better choices and much lower in sodium which is why the scales have gone down.

This week i then went and saw my food coach (I am only seeing her every few weeks at the moment and not weighing...just having a chat). Anyway her recommendation was to treat this next few weeks as a detox. Work on getting my water in (I am working on it lol!) and she also recommended i drink a fruit/vegie drink each day. The one that she recommended was a handful spinach, 1 celery stick, one orange, juice of one lemon and water. I had it this was VERY green lol...but tasted okay...i think tomorrow i will add a lil ginger to it and blend it a bit more. It was kinda cool to think by 7.15am i had eaten some spinach, celery and a orange lol.

I have my calories set "loosely" to 1400. While a lot (especially on MFP) recommend 1800 calories....every time i eat that much i feel just seems too much....1400-1600 feels like where i should sit. So i am trying to sit under 1400 calories but if i am specifically hungry i will eat up to maybe 1600 calories. At this stage I will leave it pretty stable at this...but come January 1 i will go back to calorie cycling.

My trainer (thru the gym) has been focusing more on my goals....which is to be able to do low pushups and also to work on defining my upper body. She told me this week....when i bend my arm up to 90 degrees i am quite strong but any further then that I am not which is why i struggle with my im very happy she is focusing on this. I have started getting back into a exercise looks like this currently:

monday : 30 mins boxing + 60 mins body balance
tuesday : 45 mins cardio + 30 mins PT (weights)
wednesday : 45 mins RPM
thursday : ?????????????
friday : 60 mins body pump
saturday: at least a 6km run (we are building this up and aiming for 7.5kms tomorrow) and 60 mins body pump
sunday : rest day

So as you can see i need to figure out thursday. I think doing something that helps with building up my upper body is the way to go...something very specific for it. None of the classes at the gym on thursday night i wanna need to figure out some lil program for me :) But i am feeling much more in the zone. Running is improving too...didnt run last weekend...but the weekend before i could really feel me getting into a good rhythm with it...there were some bits were we were running on flat ground where i could feel i was running faster then normal. This weekend we are planning to run 7.5km.

Not a lot else going on...will update again when I can :)


Mrs. Martin said...
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Meg Martin said...

Gosh..I got exhausted just reading all the exercise you do in the week. But that's just because I'm so used to sitting on my backside again.

Looks like you're doing really well!