Thursday, September 05, 2013

Much better day today and yesterday! My cravings really seem to have subsided. I told my trainer last night about my diet coke addiction LOL...her face dropped so far and fast LOL Anyway next wednesday she is bringing a apple drink in for me...(she is training for a fitness competition) and its something she drinks when training so she can have something sweet...its something she gets online from where she gets her supplements, protein powder etc. She was like...the only criteria is you drink it while working out and no other time...i think its just something you mix with water so will give that a whirl. I am easily drinking 3 litres of water a day and at this stage am not missing the diet coke. And im just ecstatic that i feel more in control. Last night i did 90 minutes of cardio then 45 minutes of PT. Must admit I love those PT sessions...every session she gets me to do different stuff :)

The plus side as well has been the scales. I will tell the world what i was monday morning (yuck) was 94.9 kilos...this morning is was 92.4 kilos....and i attribute most of that too the no diet coke but lots of water :) This afternoon i have a work "party" to go to for 30 figuring there will be some finger food there...and tomorrow work is apparantly putting on a bbq for lunch. While im "allowing" myself to eat as high as 1800 mostly trying to stay under 1500 cals. Once i am back from sydney i think i will revert back to calorie cycling...prolly 1600 calories....see how that goes and then make any needed adjustments...i certainly feel more in the zone right now.

Tonight no gym, Home to get all the washing done and give the house a bit of a clean...then tomorrow night pack and saturday morning off to Sydney bright and early!!

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