Sunday, September 01, 2013

Ive still been struggling.....but once again tomorrow is a new day. Im tired of "restarting" all the time tho. Ive taken my meal plan from a few years ago and going to try and kick this in the ass. I am sure i can get back on track...sooner or later it will click again. Part of me is a bit to Sydney next weekend but I kinda wish I wasnt going as I want to get on track and STAY on track, its a bit harder when you are living in a hotel for 3 nights! But im thinking if i can find some where to have just some eggs, tomato, spinach etc for bread and no bacon....subway for lunch....then dinner of my should keep things okay....and ill aim for the only snacks to be fruit. I think once I run out of the muesli bars i have in the house...think i only have a couple going to stop eating the "processed snacks"...back to fruit least for a while.

I think its time to set some short term they are:

under 90 kilos : 2 lorna jane tops
under 85 kilos : Book a trip to melbourne
under 80 kilos : Tattoo
under 75 kilos : Hair makeover and Professional photo session

Tomorrow I will weigh in and get serious. PT tomorrow night plus some cardio...have a good week all! :)

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Anonymous said...

We have all had times when we don't get back into the swings of it I am having one currently.. Working out schedule is fine food I have let slip in foods I previously didn't eat!! Good luck your fire will come back you have come so far