Monday, August 05, 2013

Yesterday I baked. I made some mixed berry muffins which turned out pretty well. I also made a seed mix and some protein balls. The seed mix turned out good but the protein balls are a bit mushy and soft but they were freaking fact too delishus i wont be making them again cos they were too morish.

After being 92.6 kilos last tuesday morning i was 90.1 kilos yesterdya morning but had gone up to 91 kilos this morning. Not overly surprised...when i get back on track i tend to lose really well the first week then i tend to either seem to be stuck or gain...before loses start again. So this gain is not surprising. Especially also considering i have VERY sore muscles from saturdays workout. My thighs and butt are killing she is mean. I have PT tonight so I am hoping she isn't too brutal to my legs. I did have a bit of a spell in my session on saturday where i didnt feel well. We thought it was either due to my low iron stores (i had just finished my cycle) or too much cardio before my workout. I think it was prolly related to my low iron as i slept for 11 hours saturday night...was obviously exhausted. But also i am going to try and do 10 mins less of my cardio workout to see how that goes. So a 25 minute wourkout tonight before PT.

Not really much else going on...hoping tomorrow my scales dont go up more tomorrow (bastards if they do lol) ... would be nice if i got down to 90.6 kilos as that would mean a 2 kilo loss.

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Chris H said...

Good luck with the scales tomorrow!
I am facing them tomorrow too... probably will have a gain this month.