Wednesday, July 31, 2013

High protein :)

Foodwise things been good again. Got my protein up to a nice high of 153 grams today....I usually aim for 130 grams so that is nice :) The scales were up 300 grams this morning but as day 2 of my cycle i am not concerned. Exercise wise I didnt gym it tonight...normally i do PT tonight but I have changed that to saturday this week due to working a later shift. Tomorrow night I will go in and do RPM and then friday night i will try the body weight cardio circuit candice wrote me..... have to give it a whirl this week (not looking forward to that admittedly lol) Not a lot else going on (gee i lead a boring life) im back in the zone that said on focusing on "fat loss"...i have 1 week till Candice will be doing measurements etc again lol...i dont think i will have a loss and doubt the measurements will change much....but oh well still moving goal by the end of the gyms 12 weeks challenge which starts august 10...if i can lose 6-8 kilos over the 12 weeks i would be more then happy! Okies off for some relaxation time...enjoy your night all!

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