Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So yesterday, went rather well! YAY!! Im back calorie cycling...yesterday was a 1600 calories day and i ate 1585 and today i am on 1300 calories and have planned out 1294 calories :) Last night i gymmed it and kinda kicked ass ;). I went on the cross trainer for 20 minutes at level 13 (new high for me!)..then 10 minutes on the bike...then 30 minutes on the treadmill. I didnt feel brave enough to run on the treadmill but did walk at 5km/hour with a incline of 10% so was happy with that. Then i did a 30 minute PT session...which was circuit based (and usually is)...which was 10 barbell shoulder raises, 20 medicine ball throwdowns, 20 kettlebell swings, 20 weighted squats (with kettle bells) and then 250 minutes on rower level 10....and repeat the whole thing 3 times followed by 2 rounds of 10 weighted crunches and 30 second plank holds...haha boy she sure works me! But i can tell my fitness is improving....i mean level 13 on cross trainer for 20 minutes is not something i can normally do and honestly it wasnt hard lol...was definitely a warm up. So i ended the day feeling really good. Tonight i am having a rest day (my cycle arrived last night so day 1 is always horrendous i dont even wanna risk it at the gym)...tomorrow night i will be there...ill do cardio again and thursday night planning to do body pump :) So i am definitely getting back into the swing of things. Bit disappointed about tonight as was planning to do cardio and then body balance...oh well maybe on the weekend! I need to go into town before gym on saturday morning and pick up some weight lifting gloves...those olympic bars are slowly killing my poor lil hands :( Not much else going on. Enjoy your day all!

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