Wednesday, August 07, 2013

So I weighed in yesterday and i lost 1.9 kilos :) so yay for that! My gym challenge starts on saturday i have to go to the gym...get all my base scores...blood pressure, body fat %, scale weight, measurements and before photo done. The gym sent out the first weeks menu yesterday. For females its a 1300 calorie diet. I have been eating 1800 calories...i decided to start eating 1300 from today. I definitely think on 1300 cals a day i could hit 10-12 kilos lost over the 12 weeks. I will prolly try and follow there menu pplan for some of the lunch and dinners but not every meal. Their breakfasts are too time consuming and some dont look appealing at all (sardines on toast eck!) but there lunches and dinners look good...and there is 2 options each meal...vegetarian and non vegetarian. Officially the eating starts on monday and the first two days their "trim soup" (which i am figuring you make at home is just a vegetable soup) is what you eat more then anything...they do say that is to just get things moving...hopefully i dont mind it. Regardless ill stick to the 1300 cals a day. Possible i will calorie cycle down the track if i find i need a lil more food the days i train with candice (her sessions are very intense) - if that happens ill do 4 days @ 1200 cals, 2 days @ 1500 cals and 1 day @ 1300 cals and considering how well my body responds to different cals on different days thats a distinct possibility. I finally bought my weight lifting gloves...i got ones with wraps for my wrists. While my wrist recovered really well from the break i dont think its still quite 100% but its definitely improving so i didnt think that extra support would hurt. Not much else going on...some changes at work and my roster over the next few weeks is about to dramatically change but its all for the better! Enjoy all :)

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Jackie said...

Awesome weight loss :)