Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weigh in results

Well week one of the 12 week challenge is over and i lost 1.3 kilos :) Its not as much as I hoped....but looking at it losing consistently so i am happy with that. That puts me by my scales at home at 90.2 kilos...I have a few fairly soon-ish goals...the first is to hit my 50% original body weight loss...i have 3.7 kilos to lose to get to that...I am hoping by the 6 week mark of the challenge to have accomplished that....the next challenge the 6 week mark as well...i want to hit a 6 kilo loss for the challenge...that would have me at 85.5 kilos...they are both do-able the most challenging part will be when I go to sydney. I am going there for 3 nights on september 7...and sydney always involves lots of yummy food! But i feel very focused so hopefully it wont be too big a drama

Really not much else to say...all is good...its a cold, wet day here so i am spending it with my nose in you tube watching series 2 and 3 of extreme make over weight loss edition. Tomorrow i am planning to go to the gym for 45 minutes on the treadmill...have a good weekend all :)

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