Sunday, August 18, 2013

Its all coming together

I am so good today it is not funny! :) The scales did a crazy drop of 1.2 kilos like...OMG !! So while its not a official weigh 8 days i have lost 2.5 kilos...cannot complain about that eh?

Yesterday I was suppose to do a bootcamp session at the gym...but i bailed. I have always had a issue with this group sessions at the gym (apart from classes) i just wanna exercise at my pace. I knew it was going to be a fitness test...and would be a beep test and then how many burpees, pushups etc you can do. The truth is...after being 173.1 kilos (380 pounds) i dont have the same mobility as someone else of my current weight. I cant even do the jump in that you do with i do the "kazz version". After so many years of being bigger....i do compare myself....and i just dont want to do group things like trainer asked me if i went....i told her no and why....hopefully she gets it and just drops it but i know she may still try and encourage me to attend these sessions. Truthfully this is one big reason why i do PT....cos there is no one to compare myself too....its one reason why i dont like being in the weights area....i just feel people will look at me thinking...she doesnt belong here and she is doing it all wrong....but despite all that...i feel good....i feel like its clicking what works for me.

I have watched a few episodes of extreme makeover weightloss edition this weekend. And there was one specifically where this girl did a inspiring and it has reminded me how running has always been my goal. So i really wanna work on doing a few runs each week....two to three 5km runs to start off with would work....and hopefully i can work up to doing 10km runs on the weekend like i use too. I am also going to Sydney in a few weeks time...I was thinking....oh that will be a kinda lazy relaxing weekend....but u not lazy so NO. I am staying in Pitt in walking distance to the botanical i think my mornings may revolve around a run and then a hot breakfast...might as well take advantage of the environment. Im going to do my utmost to not gain whilst i am away :)

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