Thursday, August 22, 2013

I haven't posted for a few days...all going good tho :) I am sitting around 88.8 kilos on the scales. What I am noticing is the around the days I do my PT sessions my weight really fluctuates/stalls then if i dont exercise for 3-4 days i have a dramatic drop. I know this is most likely caused by fluid retention as my muscles repair...and ultimately I want this to happen....but since I have never done such heavy lifting before i am not sure if every session i do with the heavy weights will i fluctuate up to 500 grams or so...and if i do will i see the scales moving downwards....or will it eventually subside. I got told by someone who is very knowledgable since my PT sessions the workouts are different everytime i am getting stimulus to different muscle groups all the time so its quite likely i will constant have this fluid retention. Its not related to cutting back on sodium or increasing water wont make a difference I don't believe. The problem also is that it makes me not want to exercise...ive never lifted or done as intense PT sessions as I do now so it is all very new to me.

Tonight and tomorrow night no gym, but saturday i will be doing bootcamp. As of today I am looking like a 1.4 kilos lost this week - cannot complain about that. And a total of 2.7 kilos since I started the challenge nearly 2 weeks ago.

I have also decided my goal weight is 76-79 kilos ... so just 9-12 kilos i need to lose.

Gotta scoot - have a good day all!

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