Thursday, August 15, 2013

Things are going good still :) Yesterday i weighed in at 90.6 kilos (was 91.5 kilos on saturday) and I wasn't convinced the 90.6 kilos was accurate....i then trained last night (you often have fluid retention after weight work) and was very happy to see I was 90.7 kilos this morning. I also then thought I would check some measurements...has only been a few days since last done...but the scale isnt reflect as much as I looks like my waist has dropped a couple of centimetres and my hips about 1 centimetres and my hips one centimetre and no movement on the bust lol. While i am not putting a lot of stock into it...its encouraging...even tho the scales are not moving heaps (lets face it i am eating only 1350 cals a day so significant movement is expected...and dont post...stop weighing...or you know fluctuations are expected...i know all that .... after 7 years i know better then anyone what to expect and not to expect of my body) the measurements seem to be so YAY :) My eating has been spot just more accurate and more on track when i stick to a lower calorie range. Last night i was talking to candice at PT about it all...telling her what i may or may not do if theres not much movement over the next week....and she turned around and said "its crazy how much you know about nutrition - you should write a book" hahahahah ;) So yes I trained last night...was a tough workout....but i can really feel im much stronger...i dont have to stop mid exercise as much as i did previously....doing some exercises (like step ups onto a bench) holding a 20 kilo weight to my pretty damn impressed! I have also been swapping a few messages with someone on pink sofa. She is a never know...maybe we will make a date to meet up at some point in the far she seems nice....but never know. Enjoy your day all :)


Jackie said...

Awesome news about the lady, you could end up going on a running date :)

jen said...

I'm going to start tracking measurements too. I feel like I have made some progress but the scale isn't showing it.