Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So the scales finally moved lol. After 3 days of being 91.2 kilos EVERY day they finally dropped to 90.6 kilos this morning. YAY. Ive been averaging 1350 cals a day so the weight should be dropping....and apparantly it is! YAY

Im surprised how easy i have settled into eating 1350 calories. It has been well over a year since i have eaten under 1500 calories. I had tried several times over the last year or so but never even lasted a be peckish then read on MFP it wasnt enough food and so eat more. But today is day 4 and all going very good :)

Tonight I have PT for 45 minutes and ill do some running intervals for a warm up.

I do my first bootcamp session on saturday (not looking forward to that!) first session is apparantly a fitness test....beep test with max number of pushups, burpees etc you can do....dreading that! So friday will definitely be a rest day LOL

Not much else going on. Busy with work (as always)...enjoy your day all :)

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