Saturday, July 20, 2013

Update :)

It is well over 18 months since I have been as confident as I am right now that I can get to goal. My trainer last week wrote me up a diet plan. I must admit it was very restrictive. But i followed it a few days and worked out it was basically 1500 calories. Interestingly thats what I was eating at around when at this weight last time. I feel very focused. I definitely (thanks to MFP) fell into a trap of "i can eat anything" and still lose. One of the traps with that is...whilst as long as I am under calories this is true...but some foods are just dangerous for me to have in this house...but none are "bad" foods...but they are foods that are easy to munch on. Peanut butter, tahini, cheese slices, cheese sticks. For the first time in prolly 9 months i have NONE of them in my house.

Nearly 2 weeks ago my trainer weighed me in. It was on a new scale (not a home style scale but a commercial type scale) in my clothes and gym of course my weight was elevated somewhat LOL. So at that point my weight by those scales was 94.6 kilos. She also took my measurements and also did my body fat % using calipers (this came out as 37.5%). So nutrition on track...i weighed in last wednesday night and was down to 92.9 kilos (so lost 1.7 kilos YAY). Ive been keeping a eye on my scales this week and they are still moving in the right direction so I feel confident with 1500 calories. My measurements and body fat % will be done again in another 2.5 weeks and of course I weigh in each wednesday night.

I also decided to join my gyms 12 week challenge. That starts August 10. My plan is to completely smash that challenge and I am looking at it as a 16 week challenge and already in challenge mode. The main difference is when I do the actual challenge there will be a bootcamp session I will do each saturday. So my fitness plan for the challenge is :

monday : PT session (30 minutes)
tuesday : RPM
wednesday : PT session (45 minutes)
thursday: 45 minutes cardio (running on treadmill or cross trainer)
friday : body weight circuit
saturday : bootcamp
sunday : rest

Im currently following all of that except the bootcamp sessions cos they haven't started yet. My aim is to lose 10-12 kilos during the 12 weeks of the challenge. And I would love to start the challenge at 88 kilos.....that would have me AIMING for 76 kilos by the end of the challenge...I do believe it is doable....but I really have to work for it. But thats the thing for the first time in a long time I beleive I can do that. Moving to my new gym and getting a new trainer was really the best thing for me. My trainer doesnt see me as someone who was 173 kilos...she never knew that person....she just sees me as someone with 15 kilos to lose who fitness wise is strong. She has been really surprised at my strength. Her sessions are really hard. But they are getting results. For the first time ever I do level 12 on the cross trainer as a "warm up" and I am not meaning for 5 minutes....I do it for 20 minutes or 45 minutes depending on what needs to be done....but I dont put it down to a lower level. :)

I do have a demon i need to work on tho. The treadmill. I have always been a lil terrified of it....worried I will roll my ankle and go flying. That fear has got worse since I fell in combat and broke my wrist. I havent been on the treadmill not even ONCE since i joined my new gym. I am feeling like I need to start getting over this fear. I know out of all cardio running is what gets me the high calorie burn. And once I am at of my next goals will be to train for a half marathon. Im never going to be a sprinter....running long distances is definitely more my thing. And while im not running several times per week there is still running goals in the back of my mind. :) A stack of pics of me in various positions which i will use as "before" pics come end of november :) (yep they aren't pretty lol)

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