Thursday, July 25, 2013


Sometimes I think the worse thing in the world for my weight loss was finding my fitness pal. I have mentioned it many times how there is so much conflicting info on it that it spins my head out. Should you eat 1200 calories? No unless you are under 5" you shouldnt eat low enough calories to lose a kilo a weekly unless you are morbidly should only eat between 10%-20% below your maintenance should eat should do IIFIYM (if it fits in your macros) shouldnt do should limit should be doing weight should be lifting heavy....gawd do i need to go on??? So effing conflicting and confusing! (And lets not even mention the people who are trying to reinvent the wheel so they can be "MFP famous" After eating so good i fell off track (AGAIN) But as I was eating something I shouldnt be eating today...I was realising I dont even want this food....i have no idea why i was eating it....but yanno i have been successful at weight loss and I can be again....the lucky thing for me is i have for the last 18 months or so maintained the bulk of my weightloss (i was 89.7 kilos as of this morning)...yanno...if we get back to the simplicity of it gotta eat less then you when I was this weight before what worked? Ive been trawling thru my journal to figure this out.... First thing be active! And this was something I discussed with Candice the other nite....when im on at the gym....when im not at the off track...and it simply has to become a priority again. Attending the gym and getting to as many classes as possible (the only real excuse should be illness and work conflicts) Calorie wise...I was eating 1485 calories at this weight last time. Guess is more then the 20% deficit that MFP people say you shouldnt exceed...guess what...i didnt die following it....i didnt get sick...but what I did do was lose weight. And as I have mentioned soooooooo many times....calorie cycling worked for me. I do not care what the knuckleheads on MFP say when they dispute that fact (and they do lol)....for me it gonna go by experience...and do what worked!! Lucky i keep everything my old calorie cycle was on my fb monday 1300 tuesday 1400 wednesday 1500 thursday 1400 friday 1700 saturday 1900 sunday 1200 I dont think I need to overcomplicate things...i just need to do those things. I am thinking I might do insanity at home....not the full program just sessions as time allows or for days I dont get to the gym. I still have goals which I need to focus on...first goal to get into the 70's....then to get to 76 kilos and then down to 71 kilos. I want to get a much more toned body (yeh they hate you saying "toning" on MFP too lol)....i will never have a 6 pack....but i can certainly get some definition...especially around my shoulders and biceps....and get strong. And the truth is i am getting stronger when I focus i can do lunges much lower now and squats as well (both been exercises i have hated! hah!) Oh and enough of the demonizing of cardio...i will do as much as I like!! Would really love to get back into the running...really need to work on my fear of the treadmill it feels liberating to believe in what I think is right for me :) My gym 12 week challenge starts in 2 weeks....I really wanna be under 85 kilos by the gym scales by the end of the challenge...even better would be closer to 80 kilos....if I apply myself there is no reason why I cannot. I dont need the community of MFP for my journey....i have plenty of support...this facebook people in my real life. So for that reason I have deleted most of my MFP today. I have left a couple of MFP who i find very inspiring...and also my RL friends who had MFP ... i have a total of 8 people on it and theres prolly 2 more I will delete lol. Some people may read this post and think ive read a similar post from you so many times kazz...and u know what? I dont apologise for that....weight loss is hard....and so many concepts (mind, nutrition, exercise) all have to work together...for me they havent off late....but in a few times when its 10 years since i have started this weight loss gig and I am at goal...these struggles will be a distant do have to fake it till you make it...altho i dont believe i am faking it now. Time will tell....action speaks louder then words!!

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