Thursday, July 11, 2013

new plan

So last night I had PT. We were doing measurements. This is the first time we have done measurements. So she measured me with the tape measure, i weighed ina nd then she did some measurements for body fat % with calipers (I will get that info on monday night) then we had a talk about calories LOL. I explained how when I lost my 80 kilos...i knew exactly what I was doing it...I found it easier to lose but since I got uner 100 kilos there has been so much conflicting low high muscle...dont do cardio blah blah blah!! Anyway she is training for a figure competition which she explained the idea is to get to a low body fat % so we are going to use that as a basis for me...focus on reducing body fat. We then came up with a daily workout plan....which will be:

monday : PT session
tuesday : RPM
wednesday : PT session
thursday : 45 minutes xtrainer
friday : body weight circuit
saturday : bootcamp
suday : rest/walk

With that much exercise she explained its really important that I eat enough and eat correctly that my macros are spot on. So now she has my body fat and weight and measurements etc she can work that out exactly for me and she will have that info for me on monday. I suspect i will be eating somewhere between 1500 and 2000 cals and that my protein levels will be high...higher then currently (and i think they are high now! lol) I looked at some figure competitors diets online last nite...they eat a heck of a lot of chicken and egg whites! LOL

Also I have decided to do goodlifes 12 week challenge...i discussed it with Candice (my trainer) last nite...its broken into two parts...either a weight loss one or one for people of a high fitness level....i cannot remember which we agreed i would sign up for LOL. I think we decided the weight loss one. So i will register for that soon as i speak to candice again and confirm it. The bootcamp sessions in the training plan are held when the 12 week challenge is on. This starts on August 10. I am also going to try and swing swift shift swaps for the 3 months of it so I dont work weekends so i can attend all the bootcamp sessions. Hopefully the bootcamp goes much better then when I did bootcamp with fernwood cos i HATED that! But i do feel more fitter now...candices sessions are very full on...lots of circuit type stuff. Last nites was....a low squat while holding on to a trx then a jump - repeat 20 times...then one legged leg press 15 times on each leg....then on the bike...10 seconds slow...10 seconds fast....20 seconds slow....20 seconds fast....then 30 seconds slow and 30 seconds fast....and repeat that whole circuit 3 times followed by some swinging squats (use a weighed medicine ball (10 kilos) like a kettle bell and swing it with squats stepping forward while swinging it) no wonder why when i go to my locker after my sessions with her i barely have the ability to pick up my always dead exhausted! LOL

For the next few days...ill stick to the 1800 cals...then on monday should have a very definite excited! She says i always smash my sessions and i will smash this....the goal will be to lose 10 kilos by mid november! Time to kick ass!!

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Chris H said...

I'm gunna join you in kicking some arse!
My goal is 15 kilos by Christmas, so similar to yours.