Tuesday, July 09, 2013


So ive come to some conclusions. (conclusions i have honestly known for a long time!)

Firstly....ive been eating 1800 calories for a while...in a perfect world where i dont go off track and dont socialise I can lose at 1800 calories....but i dont lose well....a good week is half a kilo. There is a lot of talk on MFP....if your close to goal you shouldn't aim to lose more then a quarter to half a kilo a week...that you dont have the fat reserves to draw on....that eating lower then TDEE - 20% (your maintenance level minus 20%) is the smallest amount to eat....that you shouldn't do cardio (or only limited cardio)...that calorie cycling doesnt work....that basically everything i previously did to lose weight is wrong ;) More and more i have been getting sick of this lack of progress...i KNOW i should eat less but when someone says "oh you caneat more" well u want too dont ya!

My gym is running a 12 week challenge starting august 10. I swapped a few messages with my trainer today...she was quite funny....the first response was "its up to you karyn"....then she went on to say how we will tackle it LOL. She wants to write me a diet plan....weigh me weekly. They have two challenges....one is a weight loss transformation...and one is a fitter, stronger challenge (which is designed for those with a intermediate to advanced level) . Initially we were talking about me doing the weight loss transformation....then she says....oh maybe you should do the fitter, stronger one lol. The fitter, stronger one involves a "WoW" each week...which is a workout of the week....they have ome of the old ones on you tube lol damn they look hard! Think they may be a bit too much for me and maybe i should stick to the weight loss transformation.

Anyway....last week Candice my trainer gave me a basis for a diet. I plugged it into MFP and it comes up to approximately 1300-1400 calories. Tomorrow night she is doing my measurements....this will be the first time they are done. There is a commercial scale at the gym....think ill weigh in there once a week instead of at home. And the other big decision is the ole diet coke. I remember when i cut it out before after a few days my carb cravings subsided. So i think its important i cut it out again which i will have my last one tonight then water from tomorrow onwards....i really need to go back to my "clean eating". I know a lot on MFP dont believe in it and i have kinda embraced that....but its another reason why i prolly havent been losing.

Exercise wise i have a program now. Which candice wants me to do legs and upper on alternative days. Which basically means I can exercise every day LOL. Candice has said she will give me a plan for everyday during the challenge...but she thinks its time to "pump things up" and I agree....otherwise in 12 months time I will still be sitting in the same spot....and i really, REALLY wanna get under 80 kilos, but I need to put on the work.

So thats it....daily exercise (no excuses), 1400 calories maximum, cutting out processed foods, cutting out diet coke and drink water - doesnt sound too difficult right? I did a few weeks ago take photos of me in knickers and bra...(yes ghastly eh!)....will redo photos again on august 8....and will between now and then kick this weight loss gig in the ass! Accountability....just what I needed!!!

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