Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Update and July goals. :)

I will try and do this again...blogger is being a ass!

The scales were at 90 kilos this morning....considering my cycle arrived overnight and i had a high carb meal friday night im not too upset with that. It is up 500 grams on last weeks weigh in...but will see how it is tomorrow :)

Last night i had PT candice had me doing a circuit...very exhausting!! But she also had me do deadlifts which she got super excited about...about my form and the weight i easily did (25 kilos) ive only ever really done dead lifts in body pump. But i did them with the weight starting on the ground. Anyway she was very impressed with the weight and how easy i found it....lol....each time it came to the deadlifts i was like....oh they are like a break LOL! She is very impressed with how high the weights i can go with. We also did single arm rows with dumbbells last night and i did that with a 10 kilo weight (and we did 4 rounds of reps 10-20) She said in future 25 kilo deadlifts will be my warm up lol and she wants to test me to see the maximum I could do. She then said..."oh we should have deadlifting competitions" lol

She also had a folder full of information for me. Ive never had a plan so laid out for me. Love it. So it had recommendations for my diet...not a calorie range...so im still gonna eat 1800 calories but just recommendations for meals and snacks...which I am mostly going to follow (just really clean, unprocessed healthy foods). Then there was a copy of my new weights program. A full body cardio program for doing at the gym, a cardio circuit for doing at home (the days i cannot get to the gym) and also recommendations for intervals on the different pieces of cardio equipment) She then also laid out how on a weekly basis she wants me to run my workouts....so im planning to stick to this and give it the whole month and see how it goes (think if i do what she says it will all work!) So.... monday : weights and cardio tuesday : cardio full body wednesday : PT thursday : rest day friday : weights and cardio saturday : long duration cardio sunday : cardio/rest/stretch Basically the cardio full body are a circuit she has written for me, the weights and cardio days are my weights program and then 2-3 pieces of equipment doing intervals. The long duration cardio is running! She gave me the option of going for a bike ride, swimming, walking fast or running. I need to do it for 30-45 minutes with my aim to go a bit further each time. I think I will do that around the torrens river...and do 45 minutes....(i can certainly run for 45 minutes) and I like it down around the torrens, its pretty and animals around which allows me to be distracted enough to enjoy the run. Running around my local area just doesnt work as its all main roads and im just too conscious of my fat ass haha!

So as it is July 2 I decided to set a goal for july....i will have to be on my diet and exercise 100%...and that is to reach 50% of my intial body weight...so i need to get to 86.6 kilos....3.4 kilos to lose this month...if i stick to it i can do that!

I am also planning to go buy a body media fit just so i can ensure i keep my calorie burn up each day and i really like its full nutritional breakdown ... if not before i will get it this weekend!

I have posted a couple of pics....not great quality...the two in the white sports bra were taken june 3 the two with the pants with aqua trim were taking yesterday....i think my butt doesnt look as sloppy lol i dont wanna say perkier but its slight but i think there is a improvement ;)

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Chris H said...

A loss of 3.4 kilos in a month is totally do-able Chick, you can do it.