Sunday, June 30, 2013


Well my scales have gone crazy! LOL...91.1 kilos this morning...eek! I was up friday morning (fluid I think courtesy of wednesday nights session) then friday night i went out for dinner...i ordered pasta and bruschetta....problem was...the bruschetta was actually baguettes! Slathered in butter then you add the tomato mix too it :( Needless to say the scales went TOM is due any day now. But no matter still eating big focus now needs to be exercise. My plan is weights monday-wednesday-friday (some fridays i have social occassions so when i cannot make it i will go on saturdays) Then i wanna do cardio tuesday and thursday. Prolly the cardio will be cross trainer and RPM class and maybe the odd run. Sundays will be days off.

Today is a lazy off work this sister will be down at the end of the week. Tomorrow will be a big housework day and then tomorrow night i have PT.

Hope everyone has a good sunday!

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