Friday, June 28, 2013

Ahhhhhhhhhh those scales ;)

Im very sore currently...thighs, upper arms, back, chest courtesy of wednesday nights sessiion, the scales were up 900 grams as of this morning but that i am sure is just my muscles retaining fluid or possibly because TOM is approaching. Tonight we had a work dinner...we went to hogs breath cafe...i ended up having bruschetta and way too much still hoping for a loss come wednesday morning...but time will tell. I was reading who magazine today and the story on kate ritchie...she is so slim....but what i really liked is how she said "i do some form of exercise even if its just walking my dog". I need to get into that mentality cos im lucky to exercise 3 times a week at the moment! Exciting news i booked flights to Sydney today!! Going for 3 nights in september...looking at going seeing south pacific at the opera house one night...ooh la everyone knows i love Sydney so cannot wait, just gotta book the accomodation which i will prolly do this coming week...looking at staying at the same hotel as last time which was in Pitt St. Was super cheap and the hotel was really quite good....i can get the 3 nights for $312 and lets face it...i wont be at the hotel a lot! So the plans for this week....keep up with my good eating :) Focus on exercise...and not let the scales deter me...cos i know once exercise increases can affect the scales for a bit. I am working tomorrow...then got a week off (yes again! lol) looking forward to my downtime...enjoy your weekend all!

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